4 Things You Should Know To Avoid Accidentally Activating Your Fire Suppression System

4 April 2018
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When it comes to fire suppression systems, one of the most cumbersome possibilities is that the system will accidentally be activated when there is no fire. This can cause costly damage at your facility because it could cause water to pour down on your interiors from sprinklers.  Fortunately, there are many ways you can avoid accidental activation if you know some basic things about your fire suppression system. The following are four things you should know to avoid accidentally activating your fire suppression system: Read More 

To Hide Or Not To Hide – Camouflaging Your Security Cameras

13 December 2017
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Installing security cameras around your commercial property will help to catch anyone doing something that they shouldn't and prevent those unscrupulous individuals from even attempting to steal, break in or damage your property. Here, you will find some information that can assist you with deciding what to do with the security cameras around your commercial property. To Hide or Not to Hide Keep in mind that you don't want every camera to be hidden from being seen easily from the ground below. Read More 

Fully Utilize And Enhance Your Surveillance System’s Features

23 January 2017
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A good security alert and camera system can deliver quick response and peace of mind, but there are a few features that some security system owners may not take advantage of because they simply don't know how to use their systems. Surveillance encompasses a lot of different technologies and techniques, and you can take some control to enhance your own security without damaging the basic, necessary levels of security offered by the system's defaults. Read More 

2 Ways To Have A Secure Pet Door

17 October 2016
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When you have a cat or dog that has to go outside to relieve themselves or just to run around and burn off some energy, a pet door can make it much easier to do that. However, from a security standpoint, a pet door can be a weak point and may let intruders in, especially if you have a large dog that needs to use that door. Luckily there are options that you can choose to use. Read More 

Using A PTZ Camera To Protect Your Business

29 March 2016
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When it comes to your company's security, cameras are an invaluable way to keep your company and employees protected. PTZ cameras, or pan-tilt-zoom cameras, are a versatile option that can give you flexibility with security monitoring. Here are some features of various PTZ cameras to consider so you select the right one for your business's needs. Housing Outdoor PTZ cameras need to be protected by some kind of housing to keep them safe from the elements. Read More